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A Recipe for Success

on July 31, 2012

Hello Poppets

Whilst baking with my youngest this morning I had a lovely idea for today’s blog.

What if there was a recipe for success in life and that by combining all the right ingredients you could make your dreams come true? Well, here is Fairy GodMuma’s recipe for success!


  • 250g Dreams/Goals
  • 125g Personal Responsibility
  • 125g Self Belief
  • 50ml Attitude
  • 3 heaped tbls Motivation
  • 3 heaped tbls of Gratitude
  • 125g Love
  • Sprinkling of Magic

Recipe Instructions:

Firstly, pre heat and ignite your excitement. You are about to create something amazing!

Dreams / Goals: This is probably the most important ingredient in this recipe. As South Pacific said in their song, Happy Talk, “You gotta have a dream, if you dont have a dream, How you gonna have a dream come true?” You need to have a goal in mind to be able to identify when you have succeeded. Carefully decide what Dreams/Goals you are going to pick for this recipe. It could be anything you like. Perhaps you’d like to start with smaller short term goals, and once you see how quickly and easily you can acheive these, you may like to pick out bigger long term goals. It is probably a good idea to write down the dreams you have picked so that you can refer back to them, and see how beautifully they manifested, if using this recipe again. Whatever the goals or dreams you choose, if you follow this recipe, the outcome will be the same: Life Changing.

Personal Responsibility: This is your recipe. You are picking out the ingredients, you are combining them all and the outcome will be completely down to you. No one else. You. If the result isn’t quite as you’d expected, it is not down to any external sources or persons, it is probably because you did not put in enough self belief or perhaps were lacking slightly in motivation. If you want this recipe to work, then you need to believe and accept that you are solely responsible for your own happiness and success.

Self Belief: Before you add self belief into the mix, you must make sure you have prepped it or de-seeded it, to get rid of all the bits that are of no use to us: the negative, self doubting parts. All those niggling thoughts of failing, or not being good enough. Discard them! Instead, note down all your strongest qualities and recall all the times you have acheived something, big or small. Replace those detructive, negative thoughts with useful, positive ones.  “I am capable of acheiving anything!” Keep telling yourself that as you work your self belief into this recipe and know that it is true.

Attitude: It doesn’t matter what obstacles we come up against, it is our attitude towards them that matters. You could give up, throw in the towel and shout, “I quit” when faced with a challenge, or you could acknowledge it, work your way through it and be thankful for the opportunity to learn and come out stronger on the other side. One of my favourite quotes is: ‘It’s not that life has been easy, perfect or exactly as expected. I just choose to be happy and grateful no matter how it turns out’. When you really put things into perspective, life is pretty good. It all depends on your attitude to it. So make sure you work your attitude into every inch of this recipe.

Motivation: Motivation is key to succeed. I have suggested 3 tablespoons of it, but the good thing about motivation is you can never have enough of it, so feel free to heap it in. If you feel that at any time your recipe is not working, or you needs a little boost, add more motivation. Keep some in your ‘magical tool box’ in case of emergencies. 

Gratitude: Again, you can never be too grateful, so heap it into your recipe. It is important to be aware of every stage in the recipe of success and be thankful for every milestone you pass in reaching it. When we are grateful, we attract more things into our lives to be grateful for. When your recipe is complete and you have acheived success, you will be able to really taste the gratitude you put in.

Love: Although the path to success may be hard at times, it should always be exciting and worthwhile. If it is not, then maybe you put the wrong goals and dreams into your mix. Really love and enjoy what you do to make it a success. Surround yourself with love; from people that you love, to items or things that you love. Love yourself! Pour your love into your recipe and know that you are creating the success you desire.

Magic: Open your magic toolbox and sprinkle some magic into your recipe, whatever your magic might be! For me, it would probably be a sprinkling of chocolate!

Combine your ingredients together until they all merge and you feel pleasantly confident with their consistency.

Warm them in your pre ignited fire and knowingly watch them grow and develop. When your spirits have risen, and you can hold the creation firmly in your hands, you have acheived success!

Mmm… I love baking!

Love and blessings,

Fairy GodMuma xxx


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