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A home fit for a Fairy! (Children’s Activity)

on August 5, 2012

As a child, an aunty and uncle of mine had an enchanting wooden fairy house in their garden, and I would write letters to the fairies, who would respond and sometimes leave treats for me. It was absolutely magical and I always longed to do the same one day when I had children of my own.

I have often spoken about this with my three year old and on many of our trips out, we have collected beautiful leaves, flowers and shells to put into our fairy house. When we awoke yesterday with temperatures all round, making a fairy house seemed like the perfect activity to fill our day and keep our spirits high. I didn’t have a wonderfully hand crafted wooden house to use, so instead we searched the house for a box that we could transform into a welcoming home for any fairies that may choose to visit it. We found a cute little baby shoe box with a window, which was perfect, and I helped my eldest decorate it with wrapping paper, stickers and some of the tokens of nature he’d collected especially for it. It looked very homely!

“Where are they going to sleep?” my son gasped. Well, a home wouldn’t be a home with no beds for the fairies to sleep in! So we found some old felt, buttons and thread and together we crafted sleeping bags and pillows. To finish, my son grabbed a small glass jar which after decorating with tissue paper, he filled with blueberries as a snack for any visitor’s to our house. He was very proud and excited, and in all honesty, so was I!
Our fairy house complete with fancy wallpaper, sleeping bags and midnight snacks!
Imagine his surprise when he woke this morning to find a tiny envelope with his name on containing a letter from two guests to our Fairy House: a garden Elf named Tom and his friend Elsie, the hedge Fairy! Alongside this was a wee magic fairy bag containing Gnome treats, left by Tom and Elsie.
The magical Fairy bag full of Gnome treats, left by Tom and Elsie, our Garden Elf and Hedge Fairy!

My son’s face lit up like a Christmas tree! He has been busy collecting more flowers today to decorate their house with, and can’t wait to see what further surprises our house guests may bring. For me… it is like being a child all over again.

I would highly recommend making a Fairy house with your wee ones. Not only is it fun, but it will definitely sprinkle some magic in yours and your children’s life… not to mention you will be providing a home for some worthy fairy folk (wink wink)!

Love and blessings,

Fairy GodMuma xxx


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