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Feed your Imagination

on August 10, 2012

Today my three year old excitedly told me that whilst everyone was asleep last night, he went to the farm and there was a pig there that was not only bigger than our house, but bigger than our road, and the whole sky… What an imagination he has!

When I was young, I was encaptured by Enid Blyton’s ‘Magic Faraway Tree’. My imagination would go into overdrive having read it, and every tree became a gateway to another World, filled with magical creatures and endless adenture. I would spend hours in the garden, dreaming of ways to get to the top of our apple tree, believing completely that I too could experience the wonders of what lied beyond. Just thinking back to those days, I feel a buzz of excitement swell inside of me and a childish grin creep across my face. Imagination made my life truly exhilerating!

Unfortunately, like a lot of other beautiful qualities we possess as children, the ability to use our imagination often fades as we grow older. Imagination is a necessary tool in children’s development and can prepare them for later life, but as that later life approaches, this development is no longer required and therefore, used much less.

It used to be believed that imagination was a way for children to escape from reality, but it is now recognised as being highly important for children to understand their reality. For instance, imaginative play gives children the opportunity to prepare and work through situations that may be challenging, scary or unknown, such as going to the doctors or dentist, or their first day at school. It helps them to problem solve as they can create and enact a variety of outcomes. Imaginative roleplay enhances a child’s social skills and build their self confidence, whilst reading and making up stories can hugely enhance their vocabulary. All of these skills would also be hugely beneficial when applying for jobs in later life.

Children’s imaginations should be nurtured, no matter how different or unusual they are. Children need to feel appreciated for their uniqueness, so whether through play, painting, writing or roleplaying, we should embrace their imagination as it is their way of expressing their individuality.

Using our imagination has many benefits. So why then, do we cease to use it as we grow older?

Well, firstly, fantasies are often viewed as childish, and this is reinforced the more we have “reality” forced upon us. Limitations such as not having enough money, or time become “the norm”. Whilst education is vital, we can often be encouraged to focus and study hard in order to get a ‘steady secure job’, rather than following impractical dreams or whims. As our lives become more routined, they become more predictable, and we can expect that this is the way life really is. Imagination takes a back seat as it does not really play an important part in our lives anymore. This is such a shame as our imagination can take us to places we only dreamed of. It allows us to see things that might not yet exist. It awakens our senses and makes us feel alive. Imagination gives birth to creation.

Everything we see around us started as a thought or an image in someones imagination. From the sofa you are sitting on, to the ipod you are listening to, the clothes you are wearing, to the house you are living in, the car that you drive, to the microwave you will warm your dinner with, the plane flying overhead, to the book you are reading. These all started as a creative thought in someone’s brilliant mind. With determination, belief and love, their fantasies became reality.

Without a creative imagination these things would not exist. Imagine that…

Now I’m not saying that my son is going to create a pig that fills the whole sky!! However, whats to say that with encouragment, he couldn’t one day write a book, poem, or even create a film with a magnificent pig shaped spacecraft that descends from the sky in search of other life forms to transport back to the planet, Hog? (Perhaps I should copywrite that!) What I am saying is, if you can visualise something in your mind, then there is almost nothing that could stop it being bought into reality in one way or another.

“I am imagination. I can see what they eyes can not see. I can hear what the ears can not hear. I can feel what the heart can not feel” – Peter Nivio Zarlenga

The difference between children and adults is, that children need the approval or permission from adults to pursue or act upon their imagination. Adults do not. We are therefore in the privileged position of being able to do whatever it takes to turn imagination into creation. Regardless of whether we are trying to create something in our lives or not, imagination is a fantastic activity that should be undertaken by everyone, no matter what your age is! As an adult you may not imagine there are other Worlds at the back of your wardrobe, but instead you may imagine yourself living in your dream house, driving your favourite car or working in your ideal job. Imagination allows us to step out of what we perceive as ‘reality’, and enter into a realm of excitement, hope and possibility. We can let down our guard, lose inhibitions and free ourselves of limitations, to enable us to travel anywhere, with anyone and be whomever we choose to be.

If you have children, you are blessed with a permanent short cut to tap into your imagination. Children love being around those who imagine with them and support their dreams. So dress up with them, build a den and hide in it with them, make up stories together, put on puppet shows, make a fairy house* and read children’s books. Even if you dont have children you can do these things to boost your own imagination and have some fun with it.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities” – Dr Suess

Feed your imagination in whichever way you can and open your life up to the magic that awaits…

Love and blessings,

Fairy GodMuma xxx

*If you would like ideas on making a fairy house, please see my blog “A home fit for a fairy!” https://fairygodmuma.wordpress.com/2012/08/05/a-home-fit-for-a-fairy-childrens-activity/


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