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What have you done today to make yourself proud?

on August 11, 2012

Every night before I go to bed, I ask myself “What have I done today to make myself proud?”

The other day, I heard one of Great Britain’s olympian’s apologising to the country for letting them down because he had not won a medal. He stated that he was disappointed in himself. I so wanted to run up, hug him and remind him that just making it to the Olympics, and into a final race was an outstanding accomplishment in itself for which he should be immensely proud of. How could anyone feel let down by him, especially himself?

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”  ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Ok, so like our heroic Olympians, you may not have run a marathon, broken a world record or stood head held high on a podium to receive your gold medal whilst the whole country cheers and applauds you. However, in your own right, you will have acheived in one way or another today, and you owe it to yourself to acknowledge this and pat yourself on the back.

All too often, we let the little successes in our lives pass by, without giving ourselves the true recognition we deserve. However, the first step in learning to love ourselves for who we are, is allowing yourself to celebrate the great things you do and the amazing person you are.

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”  ~Edmund Hillary

Has anyone thanked you today or told you they love you? Have you finished and submitted a piece of work in time?  Have your children reflected your nurturing of them through being polite, sharing or showing love to someone? Have you done something you are passionate about?  Have you finished the cleaning you’d been putting off? Have you donated to charity? Did you manage to stick to your diet? Did you make it to the gym despite feeling tired? Have you helped another? Have you treated yourself? Have you made someone smile? Then you have so much to be proud of!

With so much to be proud of in one day, it goes without saying that, within your lifetime, you will have acheived so SO much more.

Without often realising it, we have made a significant positive difference in someones life (yourself included) and each night before you go to bed, you should look back through your day and thank yourself for your contribution to the World.

Stand up on that podium, puff out your chest and hold your head high. Hear the crownds chanting your name and take that Gold medal. Own it, it’s yours. You earnt it.

“A gold medal is a nice thing – but if you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it”  ~From Cool Runnings

 You are an amazing person. You have so much to offer. Be proud of that.

Love and blessings,

Fairy GodMuma xxx

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One response to “What have you done today to make yourself proud?

  1. constancepilgrim says:

    A lovely post! Thanks.

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