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Muma Hoarders’ Scrapbook (Activity)

on August 22, 2012

My son is always bringing me home beautiful pictures or making things for me at home. I love them all dearly, but we have run out of wall space to put them all on, so have kept them in a large folio which seems to be ever expanding. I suppose I am a bit of  a hoarder when it comes to my children! I have been told that I will maybe have to be ruthless and pick just a few to keep, however the thought of disposing these heartfelt works of art pains me deeply.

The other day I had a wonderful idea. For a long while I have wanted to create a scrapbook for my sons to keep with all our thoughts, poems, photos and memories, but I have not yet found a scrapbook suitable for the job. Then it dawned on me! What if I took all of the A3 paintings my eldest had put such effort and love into, and made them into the pages of a family scrapbook? What a perfect personal backdrop for the inside content to go onto!

I started by picking out the A3 pictures I wanted as the pages of my scrapbook

Some of the beautiful pictures my son has made me

  I then glued one A3 picture onto the back of another.  As well as looking pretty on all sides, this reinforced the pages

Glue them back to back to make reinforced pages

I then folded these in half to form A4 sized pages for my scrapbook

Fold in half to make A4 pages

Our scrapbook is an ongoing work in progress which I will eventually bind together. I have found a fantastic tutorial as to how to bind your book from home, at: http://jamesdarrow.deviantart.com/?offset=0#/d4tznw2

Now all thats left to do is fill your scrapbook. I intend to involve my sons in filling the pages of our family scrapbook. We have already collected leaves, flowers, ribbons, buttons and glitter to decorate each page, as well as photos and greeting cards. You could fill yours with whatever floats your fancy!

First page of our scrapbook

I now have the perfect way to keep all of my sons’ past and future creations and I can’t wait to spend a lifetime filling it with them.

Love and blessings

Fairy GodMuma xxx


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