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Softly Sleep (A poem)

on August 22, 2012

As you may have guessed, my children are my everything and I feel more blessed than I could ever express in words, to be their mummy. However, this is a little poem I wrote for them, and I’d like to share it with you too.

Sometimes when it is late at night

Whilst all the stars are twinkling bright

Into your room I gently creep

And watch you as you softly sleep

I kiss your forehead, stroke your skin

Inhale deeply, breathe you in

Comb my fingers through your hair

I wonder if you know I’m there?

You tightly grasp around my finger

A good excuse for me to linger

Your perfect hands, so sweet, so small

I watch your chest rise up , then fall

Your raspy breaths, your sleepy sighs

Enough to bring tears to my eyes

My heart pounds, I am filled with bliss

I’ve never known a love like this 

My lifes complete now you are in it

I’ll cherish every precious minute

The years will pass before I know

I’ll watch you as you thrive and grow

Support you, love you, come what may 

I’ll hold your hand, you lead the way

Wherever life may take you to

I’ll be there smiling, proud of you

My biggest hope is that you’ll be

As happy as you have made me

And even when our nest you’ve flown

A house and family of your own

Into my dreams you’ll always creep

And I’ll watch you as you softly sleep

With love and blessings

Fairy GodMuma xxx


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