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The Power of Forgiveness…

on September 4, 2012
Without forgiveness, there’s no future” – Desmond Tutu
Are you sabotaging your life and your dreams by holding onto resentment or guilt?

When somebody has wronged us, it is easy to focus our energies on the anger and resentment that we feel as a result of this. It may console us that we are somehow ‘punishing’ them for their actions by holding on to these bitter feelings. However, when we channel all of our energy into a particular thought or emotion, we are, whether consciously or subconsciously, attracting more of that into our lives. The more negative thoughts and emotions we harbour from our past, the more negativity we will pull into our future. Therefore, the only person being harmed by not forgiving, is ourselves.

So why then, do people find it so hard to forgive? We are born as a blank canvas, with no judgements or beliefs in life. However, we are then constantly told about what is right or wrong, and that our good behaviour is rewarded where as bad behaviour is punished. We come from a society that almost sees it as a weakness to forgive and instead views punishment as a more acceptable reaction.
It is a common belief that in forgiving someone, you are leaving yourself open to being wronged or hurt again. Or that by holding onto anger or resentment, we are repeatedly reminding ourselves of how it felt being on the receiving end of the wrongdoing and therefore will prevent it from happening to us again.
In fact, by repeatedly living these negative emotions over and over again, we are more likely to attract situations into our lives where we again feel wronged, angry or resentful.
The suggestion of forgiving may be hard to accept by someone who has suffered a major injustice in their lives, but by truly forgiving, they are opening themselves up to acceptance, inner peace and even love for the wrong doer. Forgiving can be truly liberating.

“Forgiveness is a funny thing. It warms the heart and cools the sting” – William Arthur Ward
When we are faced with a situation that has hurt or angered us, it is most probably not the action that affected us most, but our judgements surrounding the person who has done it to us. Take for instance, a life long friend of yours at school was caught kissing someone that you were dating and very fond of. Your personal judgement kicks in and you immediately think of the friend as a sneak, a cheat, a liar, untrustworthy and disloyal (amongst other things!) You go over the situation in your mind time and time again, and the more you focus on the negative traits of this so-called friend, the worse the whole situation seems. This is because you are attracting more negative thoughts by focusing your energy on the bad judgements you have of this friend. This grudge will increase and last for years because you were not able or willing to let go of your personal judgements of this person. As a result, you may have attracted more people or situations into your life since which made you feel cheated or betrayed.

We can also harbour these personal judgements about ourselves, so it is very important that we can forgive us. The feelings of guilt or disappointment we may feel about our own past actions could lie deep in our subconscious and not be as obvious. They may require us to delve a little deeper in order to acknowledge and let go of these. By allowing these negative emotions to fester, we are preventing ourselves from manifesting the things we want in life, because we are ultimately projecting that we are “not worthy” or “do not deserve good things” because of mistakes we have made in the past.

How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself” – Pubililius Syrus

Things that occurred in the past are just that: the past. The situation itself can not be changed, but how you feel about it can be changed. If you continue to focus all your energy into feeling anger about something in your past, you will attract more situations to feel angry about in your future. The Universe does not care much for what happened in the past. It only cares about the present, and what you are feeling and focusing on now. So make the choice to forgive now and positively change your life from here on.

The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world” – Marianne Williamson
When you choose not to forgive and hold onto resentment, there is only one victim. Yourself. Give up your personal judgements, release all negative emotions you may have been holding to, and allow yourself to feel the positive in every situation and every person. As a result, you will feel an instant lift in your emotions and you inner calm, and you will open the doors to manifesting the life of your dreams.
Love and blessings,
Fairy GodMuma xxx

Heal your heart and free yourself with forgiveness x

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