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Don’t ask how… Just know!

on September 6, 2012

Are you ever disheartened by minor setbacks in your journey to reach your goals? Are you quick to give up because things haven’t gone the way you thought they would?

When we have a dream, we can sometimes slow down or jeaopardise our chances of acheiving it by planning too meticulously how we are going to acheive it. Whilst it is important to take action and steps to acheiving your goals, you should try not to feel discouraged if something you had your hopes pinned on working along the way, doesn’t work out. It may just be that the Universe has other, bigger and better ideas for you…

Say for instance, you want £1000 to pay off a car bill. You focus on winning the lottery, believing it is the only way to obtain this sum of money, but then become disappointed when your numbers repeatedly dont come up. Or you want to have more responsibility and recognition in your career, and believe the only way of acheiving this is through a managerial job that has just opened up in your company, but feel bitter and resentful when someone else gets the job over you.

I’ve had disappointments and heartbreaks and setbacks and roles I didn’t get, but something always came along that either made me better or was an even better role” – Lee Majors
When we focus so adamantly on the specifics of how we are going to obtain something, we can cut ourselves off from all the other wonderful opportunities out there for us to receive it. The lottery isn’t the only way of obtaining money! There could be a tax rebate out there with your name on it, an unexpected bonus at work, or inheritance winging its way to you from a long lost childless great aunt twice removed! Perhaps you have overlooked that there is another job opening up in your company which is better suited to you and your goals, maybe you were being headhunted to take the managerial lead in another thriving successful company, or it could be that the position you lost out on at work ended up being cut a month or so later, and the employee who got it was made redundant anyway!
The universe conspires in our favor. When nothing seems to be working, it’s because something better is in store” – Gabe Bondoc

Instead of putting all your effort into the when and how; focus on and visualise the end result. Really embrace how relieved, happy and liberated you feel driving your car away from the garage, completely fixed and paid for. Picture yourself leading a team or workforce of your own and feel the pride, satisfaction and reward of your hard work and leadership.

It is important to set yourselves realistic goals or stepping stones in your journey to acheiving your dreams.  However, by remaining flexible and open minded, we open ourselves up to many more amazing opportunites to reach that end result as smoothly, quickly and easily as possible for us. Try not to feel disheartened if something along your journey doesn’t come into fruition as you’d planned, or you find yourself taking a varied path to the one you originally set out upon. Instead, know that the Universe is working in your favour, and have faith that it will.

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith, is to see what you believe” – Saint Augustine
Love and Blessings,
Fairy GodMuma xxx

Have faith that the Universe is conspiring in your favour…


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