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Dare to Be

on September 28, 2012
Imagine what you could acheive if you only dared to follow your dreams and take that step out of your comfort zone.
So much of our lives are spent, living in fear and not taking risks. Fear of the unknown, fear of resentment, fear of rejection, fear of failure. If we never took risks, we would never progress in life or reach our true potential. We would, quite frankly, stagnate.
Think of something that you have always longed to do, but haven’t yet acheived. What obstacles would you say have stopped you from acheiving it? Money? Time? Responsibilities? Skills? Competition? Fear?
Fear grows in darkness; if you think there’s a bogeyman around, turn on the light” – Dorothy Thompson
Now ask yourself, what steps you could take to overcome these obstacles? Could you put some money aside each month? Could you cut back on other trivial activities to allow yourself extra time to dedicate to reaching your goal? Could you do a long distance course to equip you with the skills required?
Could you let go of your fears and take that exciting leap into the wonderful world of opportunity?
You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do” – Eleanor Roosevelt
Before you tell yourself, “That’s not possible” or “It’s unrealistic”, let me tell you about a man called Chris Gardner, who you may know as the inspiration for the film ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’.
According to his web site, Gardner’s childhood was “marked by poverty, domestic violence, alcoholism, sexual abuse and family illiteracy”. He spent considerable time homeless and living on the streets with his young son, whilst trying to pursue a career in finance despite not having any experience in it, or even a college degree. He received a spot on the Dean Witter Reynolds training program, but couldn’t afford to live off of the small salary, and his wife eventually left. Despite all of this, he beat all the odds and is now a motivational speaker and CEO of Gardner Rich LLC with offices in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. He has also written two bestselling books: his autobiography “The Pursuit of Happyness” and “Start Where You Are: Life Lessons in Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.”Gardner praises his mother for his success as she provided him with strong “spiritual genetics” and taught him that in spite of where he came from, he could chart another path and attain whatever goals he set for himself.
Gardner didnt let homelessness, poverty, fear or obstacles hold him back from being the very best he could be. So why should you?
Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death” – James F Bymes
To finish, just ask yourself, what would happen if you didn’t take a chance? Would you look back in years to come, regretting not taking the opportunity when you had it? Sure, you may take a risk and things may not work out as you had planned, but there is also the chance it could work out perfectly and your lifes dreams be fulfilled. Surely its better to walk through that open door and experience the amazing opportunities it may lead you to, rather than close the door and never know…
Seize the moment, take the leap, reach for your dreams… and dare to be.
Love and blessings,
Fairy GodMuma xxx
When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully.
When there is darkness, dare to be the first to shine a light.
When there is injustice, dare to be the first to condemn it.
When something seems difficult, dare to do it anyway.
When life seems to beat you down, dare to fight back.
When there seems to be no hope, dare to find some.

When you’re feeling tired, dare to keep going.

When times are tough, dare to be tougher.

When love hurts you, dare to love again.

When someone is hurting, dare to help them heal.

When another is lost, dare to help them find the way.

When a friend falls, dare to be the first to extend a hand.

When you cross paths with another, dare to make them smile.

When you feel great, dare to help someone else feel great too.

When the day has ended, dare to feel as you’ve done your best.

Dare to be the best you can –

At all times, Dare to be!

– Steve Maraboli


2 responses to “Dare to Be

  1. Love it! Yes Yes Yes!!!!! Dare to live your dreams! Be courageous! BELIEVE in yourself! Thank you for this post ! It is a GREAT reminder !!!!

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