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10 ways to enjoy life again

on March 7, 2016

Wasn’t life wonderful when we were children? Every day was a new adventure and we had little or no care in the World.

So when did our space rocket become a bed solely for sleeping in? When did our hot air balloon become purely the washing basket? When did our cool drum kit become pots and pans for cooking with, not playing with! When did we start taking life so seriously??

I was always one of lifes daydreamers, spending many hours of school gazing out of the window thinking about how amazing it would be to fly, making up a dance routine in my head to my favourite song or thinking about the new boy in our class! I had amazing dreams of being a world class singer and actor and author of children’s poetry books. I would often have visions or vivid dreams at night time that would sometimes come true. However, my elders surpressed these incredible gifts by calling them “weird” or it was seen as a bad thing to be a “daydreamer” and that I should “concentrate more”. I was told my dreams were “wishful thinking” and that I should work towards more realistic goals. Little did they know how damaging this was because as the years went by, and the more I surpressed these wonderful childlike qualities to fit in with their ideals, the more boring and deflating life became.

It is only now I have two beautiful children of my own that I see what I and so many of us have been missing out on!

My son wakes every morning and bounces out of bed, brimming with excitement for the day ahead. He can turn the most mundane of objects into a fun play thing and he finds the positive in every situation. His innocent, inquisitive appreciation of life is inspiring. He, like most children, are a perfect example of how we should live our lives, yet more often than not, we surpress these amazing qualities and they end up later on in their lives longing to get them back again.

So how can we revisit and retain our youth and the magic it exuberated? Here’s how I did…

  1. When you wake up – imagine you are 6 years old and you have just woken up on your birthday. Feel the excitement, embrace the joy you feel for being alive and for all the gifts the day will bring. Jump out of bed with the knowing that this is quite possibly the best day of your life. Hold onto that  feeling as best you can and revisit it throughout the day. Happy Birthday!
  2. Imagine – let your mind be as creative as possible and where suitable to do so – daydream! There is nothing wrong in envisioning or playing out the life of your dreams. When we do so, we are allowing our thoughts to become things, and you may find you are more creative and productive as a result.
  3. Play – Have fun! Roll around on the floor,  put music on and dance, play sport, or pretend you are a pirate or a princess if need be. Whatever you do – just have fun. If you have children, you have an added advantage as there are no better teachers of how to play in this World, than children. Set aside time to do what makes you happy and during that time make a conscious effort to not think about chores or external stresses. Since when have you known a child to not be able to play because they are worried about their room being untidy?
  4. Get Outside! – Come rain or shine, open your doors and get some fresh air. Take your shoes off (if you are able) and connect with nature. Feel the grass beneath your toes and the soil tickle your soles. Run, walk or just sit and breath in the fresh air. If it is raining, get on your wellies and jump in the puddles. Don’t think twice about mess or getting wet – just do it. I promise you, its exhilarating.
  5. Build a Den – Make yourself a space just for you. It could be as simple as a corner in a room with a chair, or a room or shed. You may even decide to make a teepee or drape blankets over a table! Whatever you choose, this should be a safe haven or place for you to retreat, relax and unwind and feel comfortable to do the things you love.
  6. Read a children’s book – Put down your newspapers, essays and social media for just 10 minutes, and immerse yourself in the World of a children’s book. Put yourself in the shoes of the characters and sing the words. Allow yourself to get lost completely in the story.
  7. Watch a children’s TV show or film – As above, turn off the news, which is sadly more often than not, filled with stories of war, suffering, natural disasters or crimes. Instead switch over to a children’s channel or put on one of your favourite childhood films.
  8. Laugh – think of the funniest thing you can and just laugh. Go on! Laughing is one of the most exhilarating actions one can perform. It releases endorphins, relaxes our body and is one of life’s miraculous natural medicines. It is also infectious! Remember when you were young, and an adult told you to stop laughing, it was often near on impossible to stop. And before you knew it, your brother or sister or friends around you started chuckling and giggling too. Laughing frees you from your worries and woes and puts you in a state of euphoric childlike bliss. Treat yourself!
  9. Open your eyes – Look around you. What do you see? What do you really see? As adults we regularly become conditioned to see life through tunnel vision. Only seeing what is in front of us, and not recognising the true beauty and miracles before us. Children see so much more. They are excited by leaves on the floor, a newly sprung flower through a crack in the pavement,  a caterpillar crawling along a wall, a castle in the clouds, the dinner on their plate making a smiley face and the beauty of a sunset causing the sky to appear on fire. All of these beautiful things we too often, take for granted. Open your eyes and begin to appreciate everything, big or small, around you.
  10. Hug – A hug is love. Love in physical form being wrapped around you. Whether you give it – or receive it, it should fill you with nothing more than satisfaction, safety, security and pure bliss. Children love hugs, and if you admit it or not, adults do too. Hug those you love and breathe in the euphoria it provides you, and the person lucky enough to be hugged by you.

I used to hurry my son along when he would stop en route somewhere. My goal was getting to our destination as quickly as possible. “We haven’t got all day!” What I failed to realise was how our journey there was in fact a valuable part of the whole trip, if not the most exciting! I now stop with him and we smell the flowers together, pick leaves to make a pictures with and identify creepy crawlies we might come across. We adults are often so obsessed with the end result or destination, that we fail to enjoy the journey. We are often so engrossed in raising our kids to be well balanced, well mannered, successful adults, that we fail to let them fully enjoy their childhood. I now walk slowly, breathe in the fresh air and look around with childlike excitement at the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. So much of this we so often take for granted and I am so grateful to my children for re-igniting my lust for life!

We can learn so much from our little angels. Children are, in my eyes, the biggest and best gift life can give us, and so it is up to us as parents and elders, to give them the gift of a confident, positive, fulfilled life. Next time your child is daydreaming, instead of telling them to “snap out of it”, ask them what they are daydreaming about… and daydream with them. When your child tells you they want to be an astronaut or a rock star, instead of telling them it is unrealistic, encourage them to reach for their dreams, as anything is acheivable if you set your mind to it.

Most importantly, find and release your inner child and start to enjoy life again. When you wake up tomorrow, imagine you are 6 years old again and have just woken up on your birthday! Really feel the excitement, the anticipation and the overwhelming joy at how much fun you are going to have and all the wonderful surprises you are going to receive. I guarantee you will have a fantastic day!

As Mother Theresa once said, “When we learn to see life through the eyes of a child, that is when we become truly wise”.

Love and blessings,

Fairy GodMuma xxx


Live for Now!

Live life through the eyes of a child


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